1. Rectorate:

Rector – prof. Igor Pylatyuk

Vice rector – prof.Myron Kushnir

Vice rector for science – prof.Victor Kaminsky

Vice rector for international relations – assoc. prof. Ostap Maychyk

Vice rector for administrative and economic activities – Andriy Melnykovych


Dean of Faculty of musicology, composition, singing and conducting – Ostap Manulyak

Dean of Piano faculty – Tetyana Milodan

Dean of orchestra faculty – Lazurkevych

Vice-dean of orchestra faculty – s-lecturer Yaroslav Oleksiv

Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee – prof. Yuriy Sokolovsky

Head of the Educating department – Khrystyna Sakovs’ka

2. Senate:

3. Departments

4. Post-graduation department

5. Unit of the distance learning

6. International Cooperation unit

7. Laborants

8. The Council for the Ph.D. defense



1. Library

2. Fonoteque and Experimental educational studio for electroacoustic music

3. Scientific laboratory for musical ethnology

4. Doctoranture

5. the Opera studio

6. Children musical studio

7. Academical house (Bursary)